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Shuai Jiao Training in NYC                            Chinese Wrestling 

I first heard about this great teacher sharing this art in Brooklyn, through one of my students. My student has been training decades in the martial arts and I respect his judgement and recommendations. I was very interested but concerned whether or not, at 57 years old and being out of shape, if I could participate and learn. After a year of hearing about this school, I decided to check it out, and I am glad I did!


Shuai Jiao has been called Chinese Wrestling, and some say it is China's OLDEST martial art. The teacher is Coach Francisco Gomez. I have to be honest, Coach Gomez is one of the very best teachers I've had the privilege to train with. He's very frank, very personable, and is a vast storehouse of information and training methodology.  I cannot recommend him enough, he is one of the best instructors around.


Shuai Jiao is stand up grappling. The philosophy I hear is "to end the threat as quickly as possible."


From the meetup page description: What's Kung Fu wrestling?: Shuai Jiao is the oldest wrestling art in China. It includes throws, strikes, joint-locking. The class will include - warm ups, Qigong and traditional drills and if time allows conditioning and discussion of applications.


I am amazed at how much functionality and practicality I learned in just a few lessons. It fits in extremely well with what we do here in our knifetraining and combatives.


Coach Gomez teaches in Brooklyn, currently at 67 Atlantic Avenue. I feel super lucky to have found him, and I suggest you all seriously consider training with Coach Gomez as well. 

Email with any questions ( or come by

The trains (4,5,2,3,) are only 10 minutes away and parking is free on Atlantic Avenue after 7p.


Class is held at WMA Karate School.

67 Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.


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