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Hilda's Weapons from Indonesia

Hilda is a personal friend of mine. She is the niece of Herman Suwunda. She lives in Indonesia and is a source of traditional indonesian weapons and training weapons. She is honest and reliable. Here, you guys will read my life history. You will see how my life journey as a daughter, mother, wife, and of course, myself. And I hope it motivates people out there, especially women. I was born and raised in Bandung, one of the big cities in the province of West Java, Indonesia. On October 14, 1988.                                             My father's family is a family of martial arts teachers. I was not fond of Pencak Silat when I was little, but my father always took me with him when he helped my uncle teach foreigners from different countries. I got a lot of lessons through these experiences on who to teach Pencak Silat. I always pay attention to how my uncle and dad talk to tourists when they teach, and I keep it in mind. I see how my father and uncle work hard to teach Pencak Silat. It was through these experiences that I developed the desire to learn Pencak Silat. I also learned how my uncle spoke to his students in English, and without me knowing it, I became self-taught in English. That's why I can speak English now.                                     I grew up with my grandmother; she taught me how to be a strong woman. After the departure of my grandmother and uncle, I lived with my parents, and I got a job to help my parents. My first job was in a notary's office as a secretary. Even though I only have a diploma from high school, God gave me a good job, and of course, I understand my job very well. Life turned me into a mother at a young age which was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. Shortly after my two oldest sons were born, I took a job in Kalimantan as a radio announcer. I lived in Kalimantan for three years and then returned to my parents, dreaming of the university. And God, so good, and with my parents' prayers always with me, I did go to university and graduated with a degree in videography. After graduation, I got an excellent job in one of the tv stations in Jakarta as a scriptwriter. However, it turned out to be not my destiny.                                                  Life brought me back to where I was born, and I decided to help my father develop our family arts and teach Pencak Silat. As I said, Pencak Silat taught me many lessons, not only how you become a fighter, but Pencak Silat brought me together with new people all over the world. I established a weapons business and also have friends to share knowledge with. This outcome was never what I expected, and it reminds me of what my grandma said, life is a goal. Although sometimes the people in it will think you are the target, they are our real target. And that is the lesson of Pencak Silat in my life. I am proud to carry my family name, and I will stand proud for it.



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