NYC Knife Training - A High Art
NYC Knife Training - A High Art

Overview of Classes

NYC Knife Training offers group classes which are suitable for all levels. We do NOT limit what you are able to learn or be exposed to. Our classes include footwork, body mechanics, understanding the objectives of fighting, tactics/psychology, and sparring and tactical study. Students should expect to be thrown to the ground, be hit/grabbed/thrown off balance and mauled around a bit in class. We are NOT like commercial operations where we coddle people and strive to keep students and take your money, we don't do that. Here you come and train as you are able and desire. Want serious training? We're it. If you just want to play around and maybe learn something, please go anywhere else.


Classes are held Sunday mornings. 9am till 11:30am


Each class is $60 cash per session.


All students are expected to contact Guro Jeff the evening BEFORE the class you wish to attend on Sundays.


People who arrive without advance notice will be treated as a hostile threat.


Good hygiene is expected. Smelly, stinky students are not welcomed here in my home.


Wear comfortable clothing that you don't mind rolling around in. A t shirt or top that you don't mind getting tugged on, maybe torn... is a good idea. Socks are recommended.


Eye protection is mandatory. We do have loaners here.


Unlike other training facilities, we don't try to sell you stuff. When you come here, we will loan you what you need for classes.


Our location is walking distance from the #7 subway line/off main street. Same for the main street stop of the LIRR.



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