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NYC Knife Training - A High Art

Guro Jeff's Background

Guro Jeff started martial arts training in 1971. He has been teaching martial arts since 1976.


His training in weapons and various bladed weapons include the following influences:

Hidy Ochiai - Washin Ryu

William CC Chen - Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Toyotaro Miyazaki - Yammani Ryu

Abel Castanos - Kaze Arashi Ryu

Tom Hooper - Muso Jikiden Eishen Ryu

Roy Ringel - Kali Lacoste System

P. Greg Alland - Sina Tirsia Wali

Remy Presas - Modern Arnis

Bobby Taboada - Balintawak

James A. Keating - Combat Technologies/Comtech

Chris Sayoc - Sayoc Kali

Steve Grody - JKD/Lameco

Alan Stewart - Serrada

Yu Guo Shun - Chen Taijiquan


All of these various teachers have helped to create a foundation of sound weapons training and understanding of bladed weapons. This training with decades of experience and Guro Jeff's research and continued study have helped to create a vast curriculum that has proven it's value and worth on the streets of NYC in actual situations.


Guro Jeff has taught in Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Indiana, St. Louis, Chicago, New Hampshire, New York and Long Island, and in Maryland. He is headquartered and based in Flushing, Queens/NYC.


Guro Jeff is a life long martial artist. He continues to train and learn other martial arts in order to develop his skills further. Ask if you are interested in what else he is training in.



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