NYC Knife Training - A High Art
NYC Knife Training - A High Art

Neo Tribe Kali - NYC Knife Training

All classes are taught by Guro Jeff Chung. Guro Jeff is an accomplished lifetime Martial Arts Instructor with over 40 years teaching experience across the United States. He is a member of a Hall of Fame, as Instructor of the Year, has appeared on television, and is a published author.


NYC Knife Training is a SERIOUS approach to learning Life Protection Skills. We only teach adults. 

We are an exclusive training club located here in Flushing, Queens, NYC.


Training is done in a semi private format.


Sessions are Saturday/Sunday mornings at 10am.


Training encompasses basics to advanced skills related to successful management of knife attacks and other personal threats one may likely face.


There is solo training, partner training and multiple attacker training.


Some stick work is done here, but our focus is primarily on empty hand and blade work.


We have a proven track record. 7 of my students here in the NYC area have gone empty handed against bladed attackers and all survived, with but two with minor injuries. 


Guro Jeff has been an expert witness for the brooklyn DA's office in a court case involving the use of a karambit.














For further information, feel free to email Guro Jeff.

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