NYC Knife Training - A High Art
NYC Knife Training - A High Art

Why Join NYC Knife Training?


No one under the age of 23 can be accepted as a student here. 

Why should you come to learn and train with Neo Tribe Kali / NYC Knife Training?

Commercial schools exist to produce an income for the school operator. Private clubs such as ours exist because of a passion for the art and understanding the need for ongoing and regular training to enhance the quality of our lives and the safety of our selves and families and all things that are important to us. To that end, Neo Tribe Kali, teaches in a fun, but serious, progressive fashion that emphasizes reality and quality.

Guro Jeff is a REAL knife instructor. There are many people who dabble at blade work, or teach an occasional class on the use of blades and how to survive edged weapons. Guro Jeff is one of the very few FULL-TIME knife instructors. He is a published author on blade work, his students have actually fought against blade wielders on the streets of NYC, and he has used his knowledge and understanding of the blade, as an Expert Witness for the Brooklyn DA's office.

Commercial schools emphasize health and fitness, you pay to get a good workout. In our club, we only are interested in being able to fight, to be able to protect ourselves, families and the things we value and care for. Unlike many places where you may be taught by an assistant or junior instructor, here at NTK, Guro Jeff, the head instructor is present at ALL classes.

Commercial schools may have large class sizes. In NTK, we have small class sizes, so that individuals can improve faster and receive more individual attention.

Commercial schools limit contact because if you get hurt, you may likely quit training. In NTK, we understand contact is a necessary part of learning.

Commercial schools rarely allow head contact.
We do hit to the head with control and with safety in mind, but we do allow head contact in order that students understand real threats in our city streets.

We spar often and the intensity of our sessions is evident in our training clips. By sparring often, we learn what we need to improve, we test our strategies and application of skill, and develop confidence and familiarity with conflict and combat.

Commercial schools often want you to sign contracts and learn other things so that you continue to pay them more money on an on-going basis. Many schools, want you to have a couple of years of training before learning weapons. Yet, the truth is, most real fights in the street involve weapons. The "bad guys" don't care if you've trained for 1 month, or 2 or 3 years, they just want what you have worked hard to have earned, or own, without putting forth the effort you have. In NTK, we learn and practice with and against weapons from day 1.

Fighting is NOT pleasant. Violence when directed at people can be far worse. 

We train hard and intensely because we do NOT want to be victims. We wish to survive the worst case scenario. When you attend classes here, you can rest assured that you are doing all you can do to become a Warrior... a capable individual that has skills and the developed fortitude to have increased chances of success should you have to engage with one or more attackers.

Commercial schools don't want students to feel afraid or have to work too hard in class. Often, our students get dizzy, want to throw up, sometimes, they get very frustrated,sometimes, they are exhausted from the training, sometimes, they ache...yet, after each class our students ALL improve and gain in skill and ability. The ability of our students is very high and their level of skill, confidence and technique is unsurpassed, and you will be amazed at what is possible with only a few short weeks or months of training. Then watch the senior students who have trained for years, and THEN, look at the level of skill/performance of the Commercial schools, and decide what you really want for your hard earned dollars. 

We're not about body beautiful or fashionable, cool looking uniforms. We are all about real skill, survival, and fighting ability that we can do into old age. Kali as taught here at NTK is something you'll be able to do into your golden years, and be able to pass onto others who are close and important to you.

Commercial schools often have set curriculums that they must follow because they belong to a particular organization, or they have particular requirements for ranking and other things that have little to do with real life. Here at Neo Tribe Kali, we often will have specific classes designed to address actual situations that may have recently happened or are of specific concern to some of our students. As an example, we recently had contact from a student who was attacked by 3 people. The next day, we had a class with techniques designed to develop understanding of necessary attributes, and then, in the same day, sparring sessions designed to develop familiarity with possible scenarios similar to what had actually taken place! In our weapons training in this class, we used a variety of simulators that equated to clubs, tomahawks, knives, etc, used in a sparring session! How many other schools will actually do that??


Note: As we are NOT a commercial school, we don't offer free trial classes. Anyone is almost certainly welcome to come and attend a class at the regular class fee of $40 per session. Whether you will be permitted or welcome to continue is another issue, that will be decided by us at the time the prospective student attends.

Free classes waste the time of the senior students we have attending. We welcome all beginners who come and attend with the understanding we seek long term students, not fly by nighters or those individuals shopping around. We do NOT welcome visitors to come by and "watch" a class.

We do not actively seek out new students like commercial schools. Hence, we understand that we are not a good fit for everyone. Only the best students are welcome here, as the training they receive take them to a higher level of understanding and ability.

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