NYC Knife Training - A High Art
NYC Knife Training - A High Art

FMA Combatives and Self Protection

We offer classes that are NOT oriented towards bladework. Many people wish to learn Filipino Martial Arts for fun, sport and self-defense training. These classes are more affordable and have less intensity hence these classes are suitable for ALL ages to develop skills that can be useful in our lives.


Please inquire if you are curious about these classes.


Currently we have classes in Flushing, and potentially in Little Neck, Queens.


Current schedule is:

Monday evenings starting at 7:30pm till 8:30.

Wednsday evenings starting at 7pm till 8pm.

Saturday and Sunday afternoons starting at 4pm to 5pm.

Each class is: $20 per person.


Private lessons are available: $50 per person.


Students must contact Guro Jeff prior to any given session, at least 2 hours before hand.


Contact Guro Jeff:



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